– Areas of Intervention –

Rehabilitation Area

Services are provided to LEA standards (Essential Levels of Care)
– Cardiac Rehabilitation (Intermediate Care)
– Respiratory Rehabilitation (Bronchial Asthma – COPD – Pulmonary Emphysema)
– Neurological Rehabilitation (Parkinson’s Disease – Multiple Sclerosis – Stroke – Head Trauma)
– Orthopaedic–Post-traumatic Rehabilitation
– Rehabilitation after hip and knee replacement
– Global Postural Re-education (McKenzie – Mézières – Souchard – Back School – Fit Bench – Canali Postural Method)
– Functional Assessment and Rehabilitation
– Manual Therapy (Massage–physiotherapy – Lymphatic Drainage – Joint Mobility – Fascial Manipulation)
– Neuromuscular Taping
– Proprioceptive Training
– Perineal Rehabilitation
– Rehabilitation of Infants and Adolescents

Electromedical Treatments:
– Laser
– Tecar
– Ultrasound
– Iontophoresis
– Magnet therapy
– Electrostimulation

Medical Area

– Cardiology consultation
– Neurological consultation
– Orthopaedic consultation
– Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


– APA – Adapted Physical Activity for Disabilities
– Metabolic Training Metabolic Syndrome: Diabetes – Hypertension – Dyslipidaemia – Overweight – Obesity
– Personalised Training and Maintenance Programmes (Strength / Resistance / Pilates / Slow Fit / Flowin®)
– Technogym FLEXability™
– Gentle exercise for pregnancy
– Respiratory training with Spirotiger®


– Osteopathy assessment and treatment
– Post-partum exercise
– Aesthetic and de-stressing massages
– Personalised nutrition profile (Nutritionist)
– Psycho-nutritional assessment (Psychologist)

Outdoor Activities (in nature)

– Walking groups
– Nature walks
– Nordic Walking
– Bodyweight exercises
– Breathing exercises and techniques
We chose to be based at San Silvestro in Fabriano because we firmly believe in the importance of working in a healthy and wholesome atmosphere. With its setting in unspoilt nature ,and quality air to breathe the centre is ideally situated for the full recovery and maintenance of your psychological and physical well-being.


– Functional assessment for sportspeople
– Athletic training for individual and team sports
– Energy and anthropometric assessment (Nutritionist)
– Personalised nutrition profile (Nutritionist)
– Psycho-nutritional assessment (Psychologist)



– Gait Analysis – Microgate
– Postural Analysis – Gyko by Microgate

Education and Counselling

Simple-to-follow, video-based lessons will be held on the theme of “healthy living”.

The aim is to provide useful information about the importance of proper movement patterns, a balanced diet and drinking plenty of liquids during physical activity during the day and on how to manage physical activity and exercise away from the Cuore Salus centre. These lessons are fundamental for engaging patients on an emotional level to empower them to take charge of their own well-being with the belief that “I can do it!”