– Conventions and Scientific Synergies –

Scientific Synergies

Research and innovation drive the staff at Cuore Salus,
who are involved in several projects and studies in partnership
with universities and research centres.

UNIVPM Marche Polytechnic University
School of Medicine
Research doctorate

UNICAM University of Camerino – Faculty of Pharmacy – Research doctorate
– Faculty of Pharmacy, School of Drug Science – “Science of Fitness and Health-related Products”
Teaching: Theory and practice lessons held at the Cuore Salus centre: “Strength and Resistance Training”

Università degli Studi di Urbino “Carlo Bo”

UNIURB University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” – School of Sports and Exercise Science for Prevention and Health:
Work placement, training and guidance partnership

Neurologia – Diabetologia – Fisiatria

INRCA Ancona:

Neurology – Diabetology – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

apm Associazione Parkinson Marche

APM – Associazione Parkinson Marche

Rete Nazionale dei Centri

Cuore Salus has applied to be part of the national network of transplant centres with accredited professionals

Cuore Salus scientific collaboration with the European Parkinson Therapy Centre

Boario Terme (Brescia)

Cuore Salus Affiliations